Turning on a Craftsman Table Saw with a Switch Key

A Craftsman table saw features an important safety feature, which is designed to prevent unauthorized use by children or others who are not trained to use a table saw. The On and Off switch has a removable key. You cannot turn on the saw until you have inserted the yellow plastic switch key into the red plastic switch lever. To turn on your Craftsman table saw is easy and straightforward once you have located the key and insert it to the switch lever. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. Switch key (part #9-22255)

Craftsman Table Saw


  1. First, hold the switch lever down. Insert the yellow plastic switch key into the circular indention in the center of the switch.
  2. Then, plug in the saw’s electrical cord.
  3. Finally, lift the switch lever into the “On” position. Now, your Craftsman saw is started.
  4. Shut off the saw by unplugging it after you have finished working. Hold the switch lever in place using one hand and pull out the switch key with the other hand. Keep the key in a safe place, which is not accessible by kids.

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