Typical room sizes

When building a new home there are a lot of different things that will need some consideration. One thing of these are room sizes. 

Average size rooms:

Most people would expect an average size room so that they have more space not just for a bed but for other things as well. But what exactly is an average size room? There will be a need to make sure that everything is well portioned so that your other rooms are not smaller than average.

The 2006 IRC (International Residential Code), which is accepted as CODE in most of the United States, states the following as minimum room area requirements where every dwelling unit shall have at least one habitable room that shall have not less than 120 square feet (11 m2) of gross floor area. Any other habitable rooms shall have a floor area of not less than 70 square feet (6.5 m2) and (with the exception of the kitchen) shall not be less than 7 feet (2134 mm) in any horizontal dimension.

Most starter homes in the US (3 bed 2 bath dbl garage about 1200 to 1500 sq ft) are about 100 to 150 sq ft bedrooms, 150 to 200 sq ft living, family rooms, kitchens, dining areas and 400 sq ft garages, baths tend to vary from 70 to 150 sq.


When your rooms are too big

As per mentioned above, you should ensure that your rooms are proportionate to the rest of the house, as a home that is average sized with one room that is a lot bigger than the rest will make it look out of place, making it noticeable and possibly created a certain dislike from potential buyers. They might think that it is a waste of space and because of that it will make them not want to buy the house.

When your rooms are disproportionate

Make sure that your house is comparable to others around it. While you are not aiming to make your house look as identical as the ones around it, potential buyers will scrutinize on every little thing. A nice sized family room will go well with a decent sized kitchen. But if you have a really big family room and a little kitchen, buyers will wonder why there is a such a disparity and question why the size of the family room is reduced to give more room to the kitchen. 

Too small to fit anything at all

Nothing can be more off-putting than to move into a new home and find out that you can’t even fit in a good size bed, a dresser and maybe even a night stand in the bedroom. You don’t want to build a home where you can’t even fit anything else other than a bed in the room. When you build a home, take into account the size of your family. If you’ve got a big family, you wouldn’t want to build a home that will give you a sense of being too crowded and busy. If you’re thinking about building a single person’s pad, then remember that when you to a re-sell its more likely you will have to look for a buyer who is also single and will not be moving in with a large family.

So pay close attention to the size of the rooms and also who will be using those rooms. All this will factor into the comfort that you will want to experience when you live in the house, or into the re-sell value when you decide to sell it off.