Unclogging a Driveway Drain

A driveway is a spot that everyone with a house has, almost everyone. If there\’s a driveway then there\’s a drain. If the weather is always cloudy and your place happens to welcome heavy rainfall at some time of the year, then your driveway drain will definitely be clogged at that time.

A clogged driveway shouldn\’t be left as it is as it can cause trouble to your home\’s area especially if your driveway is joined with your neighbor\’s driveway. If your driveway drain is a bit too full of dirt and you think you can\’t remove all the dirt and clean it well, then in this case you should call a professional to unblock it and clean the drain well for you.

If your driveway drain is clogged, there is no reason to be afraid to clean it. Unclogging your driveway drain can be an easy task to do if you have the correct instructions such as a power washer or pressure washer. If you have the right instructions and know your way around then you can unclog your driveway drain yourself. Just be careful of the dirt and make sure you keep yourself clean after you\’re done with the drain. Here are the steps on how to unclog your driveway drain.

You will need:

  1. Pressure washer
  2. Crescent wrench
  3. Pressure washer drain or attachment
  4. Gloves
  5. Face masks


  1. First, search your drain access point. The access point will be in your crawlspace, basement or under your trailer. The point will look like a cap that is on the side of the main drain.
  2. Make sure to find the correct one as you might have a few accesses. Wear face masks and gloves to cover your body during the cleaning process.
  3. Always be careful and wear the proper gear when cleaning drains as dirt such as fecal matter can cause meningitis, which is harmful to one\’s body.
  4. Then, unscrew the cap with a crescent wrench. Be careful as there may be sewage overflow or sludge. Hook the drain cleaning pressure washer attachment and then hose it to your pressure washer. Set the correct pressure or PSI according to the manufacturer\’s specification for the attachment.
  5. Next, insert the attachment slowly and hose down the access point until you have reached a stop where you can no longer push it in.
  6. Start to pressure washer the drain slowly by working your way out until it is clear.
  7. Clean the drain slowly to avoid unwanted sewage\’s splatter back. Bring the hose out to the beginning of the access point once again and to another passover for a proper drain cleaning.
  8. After the pressure washer has done its job, attach the access point cap back on with the crescent wrench. Use a bleach or anti-bacterial cleaner to clean all of the tools that have been used during the cleaning process so that they will be safe and clean to be used in the future.

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