Unlocking Alarm Panels

Most alarm systems come with a standard code to allow the alarm’s buyer to control low-level programming of the panel. However, it may change the factory default installer code to its own code when an alarm company installs the equipment so that it can maintain the majority of control. The reason for this action is sometimes to protect a customer and prevent any unauthorized people from having access to the code. An alarm panel is locked at other times because the equipment has not been paid for in full. If this situation happens, here are the steps on how to unlock the panel.

You will need:

  1. Programming heads
  2. Hand-held programmer.

Alarm Panels


  1. First, buy an alarm panel instant unlocked starter kit and the other accompanying charge chips from a specialized alarm service vendor. Make sure that the items purchased are compatible with your alarm system.
  2. Then, place a charger chip into the programmer. The chip will include its pre-paid amount of unlock charges. The number of unlock trials allowed by the chip is displayed on the programmer.
  3. Connect the appropriate connector to the panel microprocessor. The information on how to locate the appropriate connector should be available in your system’s user’s manual.
  4. Next, press the button “Start”. The green “Unlock” light should be seen on your system’s display after five seconds.
  5. Finally, remove the connector. Now, you access to the panel and the ability to make your system’s display visible.
  6. Another alternative that you can do is to contact the alarm company and ask for a technician to dial the panel remotely to unlock. Or, you can ask for a service technician to unlock the panel manually at the business or residence.

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