Using Aspirin in different ways

Aspirin is not only used to get rid of headaches, it has many other wonderful useful uses as well. It is handy in getting rid of that perspiration stain out of yours, your kids or your husband\’s white clothes. It\’s easy just give this a try, crush 2 aspirins mix it with some warm water and soak your clothes into it for 3 hours. You\’ll be astonished with the results. As if like a miracle all the stains have vanished! Has it ever happened to you that when you switched on your car and to your amazement you discover that your battery is dead and moreover, there\’s no one around to come to your rescue, well don\’t despair. You may be able to restart your car by putting 2 aspirin tablets in the battery itself. The chemical content in the aspirin combined with the battery\’s sulphuric acid will help to yield one charge, thus enabling you to drive your car to the nearest mechanic to get help.

Do you have a lot of dandruff and feel embarrassed about it? Don\’t consider it as something to be ashamed of, here\’s the solution; finely crush 2 aspirins mix it in the amount of shampoo that you would normally use and massage it into your scalp. Let it stand for 5 – 10 mins then rinse it off and wash your hair again as you normally do. Aspirin can also be helpful in cooling down and soothing insect bites; just rub an aspirin over it and the burning feeling and itchiness will be gone. Those big and red pimples are preventing you from going out and enjoy with your friends? Tired of pimples try this, crush an aspirin mix it with a little water and apply on your pimples. Leave it for about 15 mins then wash it off with soap and water. Or, best, leave it overnight. If pimples persist repeat again until all the pimples disappear.

Aspirin helps to remove egg stain from clothes. If you accidentally dropped some raw egg on your clothes while cooking or eating, and the stain can be seen even after washing. What you can do is to mix an aspirin with water and rub it on the stain. Leave it for a while and then rinse. Do you have an eye for lovely fresh flowers and cannot resist buying them and feel sad when they wither very fast, ok here\’s the solution before putting the cut flowers in a vase, fill the vase with water and add a crushed aspirin to it before adding your flowers (In this case soluble aspirin would be better). You will see that your flowers will last longer.

Most of us may also have taken aspirin or its related family to get relief from some problems, like inflammation (swelling of joints or other parts of the body) or fever. But did you know that, according to statistics from WHO, about 80 billion aspirin tablets are taken per year for all these problems, as well as many others? A lot of people take aspirin to help prevent heart attacks. Aspirin helps in preventing blood clots. Aspirin can be used for minor ailments and that\’s why doctors can safely advise patients to take 2 aspirins for almost any pain.

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