Using Portable Air Conditioners

Use Portable Air Conditioners

Although some people might say that a portable air conditioner tends to produce a loud noise when it is in operation that does not mean it is not popular among consumers all over the world. This type of air conditioning provides an excellent service especially during the summer season due to its small size, portability performance, cheaper than the conventional air conditioners or central units and it is also easy to install without the need of hiring technical people.

What you need:

  1. To have proper venting mechanism
  2. Do not use an overloaded power supply
  3. Water removal point
  4. Cleaning and replacing air conditioning filter
  5. Exhaust hose


  1. Before you learn how to use the portable air conditioning unit, you must ensure that you purchase the right unit size because it is available in a wide range of sizes starting from (5,000 BTU), (10,000 BTU), (14,000 BTU) up to (18,000 BTU). The purpose of having variety of sizes is to accommodate variety room sizes, therefore you must wisely choose the correct size for the room that you want to place the unit whether it is big or small in size. If you choose a wrong size, the unit might not run efficiently and will result in you having to pay an unexpected high energy bill.
  2. Once you have purchased the correct size of the portable unit, it is time for you to consider about the venting mechanism even they are only a portable air conditioning unit. It is needed in order to vent warm and humid air from the room to the outside of your house. This venting mechanism normally can be installed through the walls; window or door and sometimes the manufacturer of the appliance already provide instructions on the proper way of venting for the unit, plus also a venting kit consisting of the window and hose kit.
  3. Next thing for you to know is related to the electrical power supply where you must make sure that your house has sufficient supply of electrical power and also avoid the usage of extension cords. This is an important basic procedure that must follow in order to minimize and also prevent any accident relating to fire.
  4. Almost all air cooling systems will result to water condensation due to its cooling process. Although water is needed for cooling down the appliance when it is in operation, some of it must be removed. One of the popular portable air conditioner uses the water removal tray mechanism where as a user you must always check on the tray so that the tray will not overflow. There are also other portable units that use an automatic evaporation of the water condensation, but it is much more expensive than the one that uses the water removal tray principle.
  5. For a much proper operation and maintenance of the unit, you must ensure that you know how to clean and replace the air conditioning unit filter which operates as a catchment area and collecting unwanted dirty particles from entering your room. When your filter performs better, you will be able to consume good and clean cold air quality, which is also good for people who suffer from allergy problems.
  6. Finally, you must ensure that the exhaust hose for the portable air conditioning unit are kept straight to enable it to perform better especially when if you are using the venting system.

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