Using Recycled Materials to decorate

Using recycled materials that you can find in your house does not mean that you are using old or worn out materials. The materials can be restored into something really good and also help your interior decoration look good and attractive. Below are some of the tips and ideas of using recycled materials for your interior decorations inside the house.

What you need:

  1. Unused old couch or chair
  2. Sand Paper
  3. Old table lamps and hanging light fixtures
  4. Old vases, bottles or pieces of wood
  5. Picture frames
  6. Old carpets or remnants


  1. One of the thing that you can redesign or reuse again as a new item is an old couch or chair that you hide in your basement or attic. You can simply restyled and recovered the couch with new fabrics and design as if it is like a new couch, plus also helps you save a lot rather than buying new one.
  2. For an old scratched solid wood piece, you can simply change and refinish it so that it looks like new again by sanding it, plus adding some decorative molding enabling it to have a fresh new look.
  3. Try to look for an old table lamps and hanging light fixtures in your storeroom. These items which can be fixed, rewired and reuse back again with a little bit of creative ideas making it look like a brand new table lamp or hanging lights.
  1. Other things that you can make for lamps decorations is by using old vases, bottles or pieces of wood together with readily available parts that you can purchase at your local home stores. This unique design will definitely provide some different atmosphere in your house due to its unique artwork that you manage to do it by yourself.
  1. Apart from that, you can also use your old picture frames that are not in use. Disassemble it and use it as moldings or make it to look like shadow boxes for displaying souvenirs.
  2. Your old carpets or remnants can be used into something beautiful if you clean it thoroughly or make it throw rugs for your living room or study room.

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