Using wall anchors in plaster walls

Using wall anchors in plaster walls

Adding wall anchors will enhance the look of your plaster wall. Although it is a work that needs your strength and patient, it is a rewarding and fun project to do. There are so many types of wall anchors that you can apply to your plaster wall according to your style and preferences.

There are many types of wall anchors, but most people like to hang the usual wall shelf, a picture or other things such as medals and all that. It is very important to remember when hanging something up; it has to be done firmly and directly. It has to be able to well distribute its weight to the wall to which they are attached. To ensure this, the fastener that it uses as well matters, but all depends on the object\’s weight and the wall-type that it is adjusted to.

It is a fashion nowadays to have wall anchors. It\’s almost a necessity. The wall anchors come in sleeve, toggle and expansion types. These particular wall anchors can be used to hang up shelving, artwork, mirrors and brackets on several types of wall materials such as hollow and solid wall materials.

Hanging pictures and art to your wall will need specific tools depending on what type of walls that you have. You will have to be extra careful when you are dealing with softer walls which are made from plaster. Too much pressure, the screw will rip out of the wall. So if you want to install them in the right way, here are the steps.

You will need:

  1. Drill
  2. Plaster wall anchors
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Drill bit
  5. Screws


  1. First, place the suitable drill bit size into the drill. You can purchase the plaster wall anchors at your local hardware store or home improvement store and make sure the size are the same as the drill bit.
  2. Then, drill the depth of the hole needed to accommodate the anchors. You cannot stop at ¾ inch if you are using an inch long anchor. Right depth will prevent the anchor from hanging out.
  3. Next, insert the plaster wall anchor into the drilled hole. Check if the opening is resting flushed with the wall. Put in the screw into the plaster wall anchor and slightly tightened it. You can leave it slightly protruding out of the wall if you want to hang something onto the screw. It will give the object something to hang into so that it doesn\’t look not leveled as well as a little loose.
  4. Finally, hang your preferred object onto the screw and plaster wall anchor.

Always remember to choose an appropriate wall anchor. Many people prefer the type of wall anchors that will gel well with its surroundings especially with the wall. Make sure to be certain on the weight of the wall anchor first and be able to identify well whether the plaster walls can really take it.

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