Using Wallpaper to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger



Most homes have small bathrooms. It is best to use light colours to decorate small spaces like bathroom to make it look spacious. However, light colours do not mean it has to be the same old white colour. With wallpapers, you can add your own unique style into decorating at the same time making it look spacious. Follow these guidelines when you decorate your bathroom with wallpapers.

1. Evaluate your bathroom space.
During this stage, you need to consider the size and design of your bathroom. Is it small or medium? How are things arranged in your bathroom? What style does it have – is it modern or village-style? Depending on the design and size of your bathroom, you will decide whether you want to cover your whole bathroom with wallpaper, cover one wall or just add a wallpaper border.

2. Measure the space you want to cover.
Measure the height of the wall from top of the baseboard to the ceiling. Measure the length of the wall from one end to the other. Add the lengths of the walls together and multiply the figure by the height. This is to determine how many square feet of wallpaper you will need.

3. Select your wallpaper.
Remember the rule – go for something light colour. As wallpapers come in all sorts of designs, you still get a good variety of choices despite having limited your choices to light coloured wallpapers. You can also go for more than one choice of wallpaper for a more special design. If you are not sure what colours or designs go well with each other, you can seek for advice from the shop assistant.

4. Prep your walls.
Clean your walls properly and repair the cracks and holes. Bathroom walls are usually easier to clean but still you will need to use a mild cleaning solution to wipe the walls so that the wallpapers can adhere better. Also, remove all light switch covers and outlets.

5. Hang your wallpaper.
When this step is done, you can admire your handiwork!

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