Wall Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

There are many ways and ideas that one can use to decorate our home for a New Year’s Eve party. Basically, when decorating we try to save in the cost of things that we need.A New Year’s Eve party is a celebration to welcome the upcoming year with family and friends. Using the right decoration is needed to set the suitable tone for an event so that everyone will remember it even when it’s over. Visit your local party store to choose the decorations or you could create your own decorations for your party’s decoration to welcome the guests. The scenery at your party will be more interesting with the wall decorations as it will provide lighting and help to create a great atmosphere for your guests to enjoy at your party. Here are some wall decoration ideas for your New Year Eve’s party.

You will need:

  1. Disco Ball
  2. Gold And Silver Decorations
  3. Lighting

Christmas Wall


  1. Add colorful elements to the wall decorations with festive lighting by hanging colorful string lights whether having your party indoor or outdoor. The string lights can be arranged to create your desired ambiance and to shine a light for the party. It will be enough to use only one string lights by adding paper lanterns to add more decorations for the party.
  2. Make cuts of different shapes such as stars, fireworks or champagne glasses into white paper bags. Inside each bag, insert a battery-operated tea light before hanging these bags on the wall. You could also hang these lighting bags along the entrance to the party or around the area where the guests will hang out.
  3. The traditional colors for New Year’s celebrations are usually gold and silver. Confetti, noisemakers, streamers and dress code are among the elements party that uses gold and silver.
  4. To create wall decorations with this color scheme, you can arrange metallic strips of paper on the wall. You can use designs such as top hats, noisemakers or any New Year’s Eve elements and paint them in your desired metallic tone or wrapping them in colored fabric.
  5. Make a decorative ribbon around the stems of the glasses and ribbons for flowers garland to be use as decorations for the wall.
  6. You could also create the Times Square’s New Year celebration by putting a disco ball or making your own ball drop at midnight. Create a backdrop for your ball to fall from such as cutting out sky- scrappers shapes from black craft paper sheets and arrange them on the wall.
  7. For more detailed wall prop, create symbols of cityscapes or windows onto craft paper. To create the ball, cover a Styrofoam shaped into a globe with aluminum foil and glued with clear plastic cups to achieve a mirrored effect. Take a string and thread it into the ball before tying it on a hook on the ceiling. Release the string to drop the ball when the clock strikes to midnight.

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