Waxing Your Floor

Waxing your floor will definitely give your entire room an even nicer and better look; something you never imagined. Some of us usually feel that waxing the floor is hard to do and also too much labor, but actually it is not that difficult task for you to complete. Below are some of the tips that can help you wax your floor properly and efficiently.

What you need:

  1. Baby oil fix or mineral oil or olive oil
  2. Broom
  3. Vacuum with soft brush attachment
  4. Laminate Floor Cleaner
  5. Sponge Mop
  6. Bucket of clean hot water

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  1. Vinyl Flooring is normally made of pure vinyl, which is more expensive and is a combination of vinyl with other material. It is easy to clean by simply using a household cleaner that you have diluted in water and just mop the floor using it.
  2. If you notice that your vinyl floor have heel marks or scuff marks which cannot be removed by using a mop, try to remove it with baby oil fix, mineral oil or even olive oil. Just use 2 or 3 drops is enough, let it sit on the affected area for a few moment before you mop the area. Always be careful when applying this method, you must clean the area thoroughly; otherwise people can slip and fall down if it is not cleaned properly.
  3. Laminate flooring is also popular among us today due to its similarity look with hardwood, but it is much easier to maintain rather than using real wood material. Make sure to clean the surface first using a vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment so that there is no dust, debris or pet hair accumulates.
  4. You can use floor cleaner to wax laminate flooring by applying to a small section first. Then, you need to dampen a sponge mop, wring out any excess water before you start to run the mop over the area with the grain of the wood in smooth and even strokes.
  5. Then, rinse the mop using clean water before repeating the step 4 on the next area of the laminate flooring.
  6. Wax is an easy solution to use on hardwood floor and also easy to clean, plus providing a much improved look on the floor. Before doing any waxing, you need to sweep or vacuum the floor first to remove loose dirt. After that, you can do a light damp mopping to double check its surface whether there are any more grease or dust.
  7. Remember, to always allow the floor to completely dry before you apply the wax on it. Ensure that you manage to spread the wax evenly and thinly on the floor\’s surface.
  8. Then, apply the second coat of the wax and repeat the process of applying the wax. Leave it to dry between each coats right until a thin layer remains on the floor\’s surface after it has dried. It is recommended that you choose a rotary polisher in order to get an extra shine look.
  9. You could also look for a large heavy machine so that it can provide a brighter shine on the hardwood floor. Other alternatives to use rather than buffing the floor in order for the floor to shine again.

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