Ways to shine your shoes

Shiny Shoes

Shoes form an important part of our lives. We wear them everyday to school or to work. Dirty shoes are big turn-offs. Some people tend to believe that the way we keep our shoes tell something our us; our character in real life. So to have clean and shiny is extremely important for us.
Are you tired of having your shoes look worn out after a few hours just after you bought them? You can stop your problem now as there is a way to keep your shoes looking as good as new. All you need is some few handy supplies and some learning steps. You can learn how to shine your shoes like a pro with these steps. Be careful not to overdo it in case you spoil your shoes. Also remember and take note of your shoes quality before you get started, to know whether they are durable enough or not.

You will need:

  1. Shoe shining/cleaning kits
  2. Old T-Shirts
  3. Leather Cleaning Kits
  4. Leather Conditioners
  5. Leather Protection Sprays
  6. Chamois Cloth
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Vegetable Oils
  9. Lint-Free Cloths
  10. Petroleum Jelly


  1. First, clean the dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush and a cloth which are damped with a little bit of water.
  2. Before polishing your shoes, make sure to choose a can of wax or crème shoe polish that suits the leather that you want to polish. Avoid trying to use black polish to change the color of brown leather by yourself, so the best way is to find a professional to do it for you. Do not polish patent, roughout and suede leather.
  3. Then, use a shoe polish brush to apply polish wax or crème to the surface of the leather. The best way to polish your shoes is to brush in circular motions until the leather has a dull coating. Use an old toothbrush and get into the tight spots. Wait for 15 minutes while the polish dries.
  4. Next, use a shoeshine brush to brush the shoes or boots. Take a clean cotton cloth such as an old T-shirt or old sweat sock to buff your shoes. The result will make your shoes sparkle.
  5. For an old-fashioned way to shine your shoes, use this method that includes most of the products from your home. First, remove any dirt or dust from the shoes with a damp cloth. Clean the sides of the sole and the heels too. Use another dry cloth to buff dry the shoes.
  6. Then, put a little of vegetable oil or olive oil onto a dry, white and soft lint-free cloth. Rub the cloth over an entire top of shoes with gentle motion. Continue to rub the entire shoes until all the oil has been absorbed and the shoes are shiny enough.
  7. If you want to bring out all the shines from your shoes, buff them with a chamois cloth. Dab a little of petroleum jelly to a clean cloth and buff the entire shoes lightly. This will help your shoes stay supple and prevent cracking.

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