Weeding Plants in a Hurry

Gardeners take a long time before planting to analyze the soil, the temperature and the weather. We all love the surroundings to our home to look beautiful and that certainly cannot be achieved if there’s a huge hole in the garden.

Gardening can be a fun activity if we put our whole into it. But for those who don’t have much time for it, there are many other ways to get around with this hobby. Gardening, in general, is a fun hobby. It is fun as we, as gardeners, get to try so many things. We get to explore when it comes to gardening.

Weeding is often a neglected gardening chore if you have limited time. However, most plants cannot thrive if they are competing with too many weeds and the unsightly look of overgrown weeds is not a proper look for your garden. If you want to keep the weeding job done when you have limited time, do a couple things in mind to make the job efficient and quick.

Divide the garden into sections and completely weed one area before moving on to the next section if needed. Here are the steps on how to remove weeds plants if you have limited time.

You will need:

  1. Hoe or Tiller
  2. Weeding Tool

Weeding Plants


  1. Gardening is a simple and nice hobby. If you are not familiar and this is your first step with gardening then you might find it a bit difficult. First, manually remove weeds when the soil is slightly wet such as the day after watering or a rainfall. Because the soil is moist at those times, the weeds are easier to pull so the weeding job can be done faster. Pull up the weeds at the bottom to get all the roots. You can use a weeding tool such as the one that you can insert into the ground and pull up the weeds.
  2. Then, cultivate or till the soil about 1 inch deep all around the plants. You can use rotary tiller or a hoe while the soil is slightly moist. The tiller will turn the weeds under the soil and blocking out the needed sunlight for the weeds to grow. This is an alternative way for manual weeding. For greater result, do it when the weeds are still in their early growing stages.
  3. After the weeds have been removed, use mulch to cover the area to avoid the weeds from growing back. A mulch layer made from layers of pine barks, grass clippings can help to block the sunlight from reaching the weeds and disturb their growth.
  4. Gardening is a special hobby that in today’s age; very few people have come to love it. Aside from a piece of land, to really enjoy gardening one needs to have the time and patience. It’s hard in today’s world where technology is at such advance speed to just leave these technologies and spend one’s time doing something really simple.

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