What are solar power bags

The solar powered bag is designed to help its users in converting solar energy into electric energy which is normally portable and enable you to bring it along where ever you go. Its usage is to charge portable electric gadget and devices such as laptops, cell phones, cameras and I-pods.

Below is some of the information on solar power bags that may help you in understanding better of its function and advantages.

What you need to know:

  1. Solar powered bags function
  2. Save energy and cost effective
  3. Multipurpose function
  4. Waterproof
  5. Resistant to ultra-violet rays


  1. The solar power bag comes with a battery installed inside the bag for storing solar energy that is captured through a converter panel on the outer side of the bag. This converter panel is designed in such a way to enable the capturing of the sun\’s heat. It also comes with standard adaptors enabling you to charge any electrical device with any type of solar powered bags. The solar powered bags that come with a wide solar panel converter can store up to 15 watts of electrical energy.
  2. The solar bags help you save on electric energy thus reducing the utility bills. Due to its portability, you can carry and charge your devices or gadget at the same time and bring it to any of your preferred location. The solar bags are a multipurpose bag which not only function as a charger for your electrical device but it also can be used as a carrier bag, plus the bag is also light and padded like the normal bag.
  3. The solar bag\’s panel is designed to be waterproof and it is resistant to ultra-violet rays which are made up of polyester (an environmental friendly material) that can also be recycled.
  4. It also comes with various types and designs, for example, like the backpacks, daypacks, converters, messengers and generators. Apart from that, it has various attractive colours for you to choose from according to your favourite colour.
  5. The solar powered bag is recommended for usage especially to scholars, travelers, university lecturers and businessmen who are always on the go and has the mobility to go to any location, even in the country side and in places where the electric power is not adequately available or in a very remote area.

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