What is Room Air Conditioner Efficiency

Sometimes the room air conditioners are referred to as window air conditioners which cool off certain area of a room rather than the whole house. Therefore, a room air conditioner is much less expensive than central units and its efficiency is also generally lower. Room air conditioner uses the electric energy to pump the heat out of the house and release it outside, plus distributing cool air throughout the house and also remove moisture from indoor air. In order to know more about room air conditioner efficiency, below is some of the information that may be useful to you.

What you need to know:

  1. Check on Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating
  2. Open windows at night
  3. Close curtain and windows during the day
  4. Change filter when its dirty
  5. Cover unit during winter time
  6. Do schedule air condition maintenance


  1. Every room air conditioner is designed with an efficiency rating which is also known as Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), whereby this rating is defined as the cooling output (in Btu per hour) divided by its energy input (Watts) for specified indoor and outdoor temperatures. In other words, the higher the EER is, the better the unit in terms of efficiency. With high-efficiency room air conditioner you will be able to save on utility bills and also reduce harmful emissions to the surrounding environment.
  2. Consider opening the windows at night to let your house cool the natural way especially for those who live in a temperate zone, thus saving a lot on monthly bills and energy. Besides that, you could also close your curtains and window during the day to prevent the cool air inside from going outside, thus reducing the work load of your air condition.
  3. Look for a properly sized air conditioning unit that fits for the required room and also check the Energy Star\’s chart for the suitable unit.
  4. Purchase an energy-efficient Energy Star recommended unit which is more comfortable and save on energy. It is also recommended that you look for a unit that comes with times, programmable thermostats and sleep settings.
  5. Regularly check and change the air condition filter because a clean filter always provides good and clean indoor air quality.
  6. If your air condition unit is permanently affixed, make sure to insulate the spaces between the air condition and the window, plus also put a cover on the window unit for protection during winter time.
  7. Always practice a schedule and proper air condition maintenance.

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