Which Cutting Boards is Much Safer; Plastic or Wooden Type


It is common to find cutting boards in the kitchen of every household because it helps you protect your counter top from being damaged by knives blades that you used for cutting meats, poultry and slicing foods. Nowadays you will find several types of cutting boards available in the market but the most popular choice will always be the plastic and wooden cutting boards. The question now is whether it is safe to use either the wooden type or the plastic. Below are some of the things that you could consider whether to choose plastic or wooden type cutting board.

However, which cutting board that you want to choose really depends on the individual itself. For those of you who do not want to do any maintenance on your cutting board, you can choose the plastic cutting board because once it is not suitable to be used you can simply purchase a new one. As for consumers who looks for long last, aesthetics and durability of a cutting board, then the wooden boards is the most preferred choice for you.


To choose between plastic or wooden cutting boards, you need to know:

  • Plastic cutting board can be used in dishwasher
  • Bacteria can easily absorb through wooden cutting board
  • Regular cutting on plastic board will leaves marks on its surface
  • Plastic cutting board is much cheaper than wooden cutting board

Choosing Plastic or Wooden Cutting Board

Which Cutting Boards is Much Safer; Plastic or Wooden Type

  • The first thing that you need to know is that plastic cutting boards is suitable to cleaned using your dishwasher.
    • It does not matter whether you are cutting chicken, fish or meat; you can still use the dishwasher to clean and sanitized your plastic cutting board.
    • By disinfecting your plastic cutting board, it will help you narrow down any possibility of harmful bacteria such as E.coli which normally contains in meats.


  • It is not easy for you to clean wooden cutting board and therefore it can easily absorb bacteria if you do not care it in a proper way.
    • Wooden cutting board is not suitable to be cleaned in a dishwasher.


You will find that high quality hard maple wood boards have high level of durability and last longer even if you have been using up to 5 plastic cutting boards. Some wood cutting boards can also be resurfaced after you have been using it for several years.


  • In order to prevent from contracting bacteria, people tend to use plastic cutting board because it is much safer.
    • However, there is still some disadvantage because whenever your knife hits the board and you use it regularly, it tends to leaves marking on the board. Overtime, your cutting board will be damaged and its appearance will be ruined. You will notice this scenario especially if you are using the Japanese kitchen knives.
    • It is common for every household to have more than one plastic cutting boards and it is also not as expensive as the wooden cutting boards.


  • The wooden cutting board looks nice in appearance and can also be used for decorating your kitchen. Sometimes it is being used from generation to generation due to its durability and long lasting.
    • Wooden board helps your knife stays sharp and does not leave lots of marking compare to plastic boards.
    • Use hot water along with soap in order to clean your wooden cutting board every time you finished using it. Make sure to dry it completely.
    • You must also sanitize your wooden board regularly. You can use 5 percent white vinegar and 4 parts water to sanitize it but remember not to immerse it inside the water. Always use a sponge when sanitizing it.
    • In order to preserve the board, you can also oil the board with mineral oil (or even beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil or walnut oil) at least once a month. You must rub the mineral oil into every inch of the board using a clean cloth. Once done, make sure that you wipe off any excess oil that you notice.


  • You will also notice that in some household, their wooden cutting board is only used for d├ęcor in their kitchen and only use the plastic kitchen board due to its lightweight and portability.

    Always remember that whenever you want to choose between plastic or wooden cutting board,

    • No matter what type that you choose, both cutting boards MUST be cleaned thoroughly after being used using soap along with hot water before you make that it is kept quite dry if it is not in use. This is because bacteria could not survive for long without moisture in its surrounding.

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