Winterizing a Sand Filter for an Above Ground Pool

Winter is a lovely season, but not so lovely if you love summer thus loving all those awesome summer activities you and your family can enjoy. There are many reasons why winter is not that well appreciated all over. One of them is the weather gets way too cold. It’s impossible to hang out in pools or have outdoor sweaty activities that you would during summer.

In places where the climate is constantly cold, it is better to winterize things that operate using water and things that are left out in the cold. It is quite common to winterize pipes, swimming pool and other areas where water is used as during the winter, the extreme cold can damage these properties if we don’t take good care to protect them.

There are many things that we need to know before jumping in this project. For instance, it is not widely known that several pool companies actually recommend us to use an air compressor just to blow the water away from the valves.

When it comes to winterize a sand filter for an above ground pool, there are manuals and user guides, which contain sand filter manufacturer’s instructions according to your filter’s model. However, if your guides are missing, take note of the make and model which is recorded on the filter and check the company’s website for its manual. The instructions are mainly basic and contain only several steps. But some pool owners do take extra precautions such as removing the top control unit or storing the filter inside. You don’t have to worry on taking such matters as most manufacturers do not include those steps. Here are the steps that you can do to help winterize a sand filter for an above ground pool.

Sand Filter


  1. First, backwash the filter until the water that runs out is clear.
  2. Then, unplug the pump carefully. Remove the hoses that are attached to the pool and the pump. Remove the filter’s drain plug; they are usually located near the bottom of the tank. Keep and store the plug or cap.
  3. Next, rotate the control valve according to its appropriate setting. Some filters have a winterize setting while others stop the valve between any two settings to keep the valve open.
  4. Other alternatives that you can do are to use an air compressor to blow water from the valves, which is recommended by some pool companies.
  5. If you are really confused on how to go about with this then it is better to ask a professional handyman to help you. This might help in case you get into trouble trying something that you know nothing about.

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