7 Things You Hate About Remodeling

While it is exciting to start a remodeling project with the prospect of seeing the new look to your home revealed to you like those reality TV home improvement shows, remember that those people on TV are either given a paid vacation somewhere. And unless you have another alternative place to live in (remodeling doesn’t normally take a few days, it can take a few weeks to months), you might just have to put up with several irks that comes along with remodeling a home. 

1. Anything that can be broken will get broken. 

Even the most scrutinized prep work done before you start your remodeling project won’t stop something getting broken in the house when work commences. Anything that is in your property is potentially in harm\’s way. Whether it’s the accidental bumping into mum’s favourite vase, or that nice frame centerpiece falling off the wall and breaking because of the amount of vibration from the drilling and hammering, there are a few preventative measures that you can take to prevent disaster. Anything that is really valuable should be moved out of the house. Rope in a neighbour, friend or family member to keep them for you while the construction is going on. 

2. Noise! 

There won’t be much needing to explain this, while you may think that you are well prepared and understand that with remodeling, noise is inevitable, the sheer volume of it can be very overwhelming. Ear plugs and highly recommended. 

3. Dust! 

Dust can and will get into any space when you are doing remodeling, no matter how far another room is in relation to the work space that’s being remodeled. Dust permeates everything. You can use drop cloths to protect, but be prepared that you will still get a film of dust when you open that kitchen cabinet to bring out the dishes for dinner.

Plastic sheeting over the doorways, cabinet and pantry doors can help keep dust out of the food. Vacuum around the opening to the construction zone often to control the amount of dust tracked through the house.

4. Plumbing when you need it most

No matter how much planning you do, there will be instances where you will end up with no plumbing at the crucial moment. This is especially true if you’re doing a kitchen or a bathroom remodel. Make sure your contractor is communicating clearly with you about when your water will be turned off, and for how long. Stash a few gallons of emergency water stashed away. They will come in very handy.

5. Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? 

The day your contractor takes the roof off and promises it will be done in a couple of days, will be the day it chooses to rain. Always have tarps, a staple gun, and some extra 2×4\’s on hand when you have your roof off. It will be worth a whole lot of stress to put these up when that day comes to have your roof replaced. 

6. Losing privacy

For the duration of the remodeling work, you will have people walking in and out of your house. Privacy at this point is not an option. So be prepared to lose some of it while you’re at home. 

7. It will take longer

Figure a longer time frame when you draw up a work plan with your contractor, you should make a rough estimation of how long the job will take. Add 15 percent. This is to cover the day it rains and no work will be done, or that materials and supplies will be late, that sometimes things have to be re-done or even a day off or public holiday which probably didn’t occur to you to add on. 

Once you’re psyched and understand that delays and such can happen, there will be less stress and frustration on your part while you are going through a home remodeling project. Remodeling a house that you are living in, while is difficult, is not impossible.