Storing Materials on Your Site

Storing your materials well is important. The last thing you want is to get good supplies only to have them ruined because of poor storage. This will cause a lot of frustration, time lost as well as money when you have to replace them again. While it would be nice to get materials, and use them same day, during the construction process, there is that inevitable situation where you will have to store some at the work site. 

Coordinate Delivery

While it is certainly ideal (though not always likely) to have materials delivered to the worksite as and when needed, there will always be that instance that you will have to store some at some point. Start by coordinating the delivery of materials when they are going to be used. Done properly and the materials will not be sitting too long before they are used, thus reducing the chance of being misplaced, pilfered or damaged. Coordinating such deliveries is especially important for items such as drywall and windows, as they are easily breakable. 

Finding a Safe Place

Rent a lockable storage container or trailer. Get a container that uses a key, and you want to have the only copy. Avoid code lockable containers as these can be figured out. The container or trailer can be parked on site, unlocked each morning and locked every evening. 


Preserving Your Materials

Plywood and sheathing should be placed horizontally on pallets of dimensional lumber to keep it from contacting soil. Lumber can be stacked flat, and unbundled only when needed. Visqueen can be placed over it to protect it from the elements. 

Keeping Them Near

Have the materials that you will use stored nearby the work area. Hauling a ton of bricks to the other side of the lot is no easy task. Store things such as bricks and blocks on pallets near the place of use and have supply delivery men place them near where they will be used.

Keeping your materials safe from theft, weather, etc. is your responsibility. If you don’t take steps to avoid problems that come with neglecting your building material, you will find that your building cost will go up as you need to replace them.