Which Home Style to Choose: Cottage Style

Cottage Style 

Cottage style is characterized with a more personal and forgiving style, with the mixing of old and new; rare and inexpensive; and simple and ornate pieces. This home style is about putting together what you love, where there is no committing to a single decorating genre.

Cottage-Style Exteriors

Characterized by asymmetrical architecture, pitched roof and natural siding materials like stone or brick, cottage-style homes are usually smaller, both in footprint and curbside appearance. A prominent roofline and dormers give the homes height and visual presence. There are also painted molding and muntins, shutters, and arched doorways, as well as the pre-requisite garden to enhance a pretty front facade.

Cottage-Style Living Spaces

Front room living spaces featuring painted finishes, shapes, restrained palette that give the look of comfort. The family room offers easier living, comfort, and cozy charm.

Cottage-Style Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the place that are most personalized. You will possibly find luxurious details, feather-filled pillows and duvets, soft colours, and accessories to lend a cosy relaxed space. You may also find pretty palettes and touchable fabrics.

Cottage-Style Bathrooms

Style, simplicity and serenity rules the roost. With limited colours and materials as well as plenty of natural light pouring into the bathroom, you may find walls in beaded-board paneling. Nostalgic salvage pieces add a touch of personality to the bathroom. Pedestal sinks, claw-foot tubs, lighting fixtures,  vintage pieces, such as vanities, grounds the cottage look and adds character.

Cottage-Style Kitchens

The kitchen is central to the home. Painted cabinets, and soft fabrics give kitchens visual comfort, with surfaces and well-planned work areas offer comfortable working conditions. That sense of ease translates into a room that smoothly adapts from party central to short-order restaurant.

Cottage-Style Outdoor Spaces

Patios make the natural connection from indoors to the garden. These outer rooms are created within the shade of trees, porches with sofas and rugs. Chandelier from an outdoor trellis are hung outside as from a ceiling indoors. You may also find vintage cupboards on the porch, filled with collections.