A Sustainable Future: Where the Earth Will Be in 2020

An image of the Las Vegas strip with mountains in the background.

Businesses Move to a Greener Way of Operating

There’s a growing trend among businesses to become more eco-friendly. They are using methods that are already popular among homes across the world. They have created large recycling centers, cut down on water waste and even incorporated solar energy systems to conserve energy. The green material marketplace has certainly grown. Currently it’s a $116 billion a year industry that is projected to grow to $254 billion by 2020. However, people everywhere have to start thinking about the way they use green materials and start choosing sustainable practices in order for this to happen.

In Las Vegas, you’ll find over 120,000 hotel rooms at your disposal. The city is filled with luxurious hotels and casinos to answer the needs of millions of travelers each year. However, this city is also home to a lot of businesses that incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The Palazzo Hotel and Resort seems to stand out among the rest. In fact, this hotel was named the most eco-friendly hotel in America. One of the green practices that received significant recognition was its water saving program. The hotel uses drip irrigation systems with moisture sensors to reduce the amount of water waste necessary to water lawns and gardens. Some of the outdoor landscapes also use artificial turf grass instead of the real thing. These methods combined have allowed this hotel to save eight million gallons of water every year.

Not Just for Business, Use these Tips at Home

Some of these practices can also be incorporated for home use. Drip irrigation systems are becoming more streamlined and affordable for residential areas. You can also choose to reuse gray water, which is the water that comes from bathtubs, washers and dishwashers. Gray water can be used to water your lawn and gardens. There are a variety of appliances and fixtures that can also be changed to reduce water waste such as low flow showerheads and tankless water heaters.

Be Smart About Your Recycling for Best Results

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” has been the mission statement of many people who participate in the go green movement. By looking for products that are helpful to the environment, reducing consumption of products that are not and recycling other products, you can save a lot of waste from going to landfills. It’s also about reusing things around the home as well through a process of up cycling. For instance, old furniture can be re-purposed. Food containers bought at grocery stores can be used around the house as tupperware or other storage. The ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas took the three R’s to heart and created a large sorting center. This recycling center saves about 47 percent of waste from going to a landfill every year. The hotel also sends its scraps to local farms to feed animals like pigs.

Homeowners can make a big difference in the way that they use recycling bins and reusable products. They can also create compost bins to fertilize their lawns with leftover vegetable matter. It’s important to realize that businesses are incorporating many ideas that started from individuals taking part in the go green movement at home. With that in mind, people have really become more aware of what products they use and how to be more conscientious of the planet.

Businesses and homeowners like the new Las Vegas hotels must continue this trend of innovation. This will result on sustainability being further spread across the globe.

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