Four Landscaping Tips to Add Oomph to Your Yard This Spring

An image of a back yard prepared for summer

Looking good for summer

Get Your Garden Ready as the Temperature Rises

When the atmospheric temperature is on the rise, you need to check out your garden for any irrigation system damage and dead plants, which may have occurred during the cold climate. The weather in LV would be near perfect all the time and spring would be the time when majority would love to enjoy or spend time in the landscape. Spring is the best time to take any inventory measures of your landscaping and garden, either add something new or make major updates. Listed below are few landscaping ideas for spring to help you in making your yard beautiful.

Setting the Sprinkler

For the sprinkler to work properly you need to set it to correct watering times; you need to see when the grasses and plants are drying. The spring is perhaps the best time for growing plants and flowers. It isn’t that tough to keep flowers blossom, unlike summer seasons, as spring lets many attractive flowers to prosper and bloom. You can check out online guides to know what you want to plant in your garden.

Creating the Right Ambiance

Outdoor areas of the house need to be given as equal importance as interior design; whether it’s the infinity edge pool or manicured front lawn or flower garden, these areas benefit from the same attention to details as your kitchen or bathroom. The landscapes should complement the design and architecture of the house, giving your residence a story, which can be read in and out.

Beautifying Your Yard

If you want to make your yard look beautiful and attractive, there are a number of unique and innovative designs. Chocolate cosmos and black plants, or low flowered enclose of gold privet could be planted in your garden. You can also make use of maintenance products, like rust removers, efflorescence, stain removers, and degreasers. In order for the root and shrubs to sustain, you need to maintain the water level ideally 4-ft beneath the top soil.

Landscaping Ideas

As the winter season ends, the climate of Las Vegas enters into the beautiful and wonderful spring climate that promises new growth and optimization for rest of the year. It isn’t just cleaning inside of your house, but also giving equal attention and loving care to outdoor landscaping.

Clear the Debris

Keep a day for removing all the winter dry leaves and fallen branches from your Las Vegas landscaping. Once you have taken all dried leaves and debris, take care of the weeding. It is good to spend around ten to twenty minutes each week pulling weeds and spraying quality weed killer can offer you with a weed-free landscape and garden.


A fresh layer of mulch on the landscaping can go long way in improving the tidiness and beauty of your garden. You can put four-in of mulch over the soil that would help in controlling the growth of pesky weeds and also retain moisture.


If you want to make sure that your yard thrives, you should include fertilizer; if you are planning to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, it is better to opt for organic fertilizer having no pesticide. Choose the best and quality fertilizer that make your landscape, including shrubs, flowers, and grass work.


No matter if you’re working with simple garden hose or demanding in-ground sprinkler system, it is best to check out the tools and components before the start of spring weather. If you’ve already had one, then test all the parts to make sure that the equipment’s tank and pump are in good working condition, as sometimes unused components comprise their functionality.

By following these tips, you can now turn your patio or landscape into another beautiful space of your home. Click here for landscaping service in Las Vegas.