Accessorize your candles with glittering bow

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Take a Beeline Bow

A candle on its own begs for an accessory to adorn it. Decorate your candle with a glittering bow to welcome the spirit of Christmas.

To get started, you will need:
•    A few pieces of tracing paper
•    A few honeycomb beeswax sheets in red
•    A crafts knife
•    A candle glitter in red
•    A hair dryer
•    A 5-x-6-inch red pillar

Start off by:
1. Using a tracing paper, trace the shape of a bow, a bow knot and two bow tails. Cut out the shapes and lay them on the beeswax.  Take a crafts knife and cut out the shapes by following the design on the tracing paper.
2. On a flat surface, lay the bow piece and bring both ends to the center, overlapping it. Holding down the center firmly, dust the bow with glitter.
3. Take the cut out bow knot and wrap it around the center of the bow. Press the bow tails lightly to it, making sure it overlaps. Once again, dust it with glitter.
4. To ensure all the wax pieces stick together, use a hair dryer to warm it.
5. Cut out a strip of 1 3/8 inch wide beeswax and press the finished bow on its center. Cover it generously with glitter.
6. Lastly, wrap the strip of beeswax around the candle. If necessary, use the hair dryer to attach the strip.

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