Turning your old light bulb into Santa Claus ornament

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Every Christmas, we just love to decorate our Christmas tree with beautiful and unique decorations. We spend time and money just to make sure the Christmas tree looks great and marvelous.  Instead of wasting your money, why not try this Christmas ornaments project made from used light bulbs. You can use any of your light bulbs which already burned out but still in good shape. It is simple and easy to make, as you using burn out bulbs. It is a great idea to recycle and protect our environment as well.  Here is how to make it;

You will need:

  • Old light bulb
  • acrylic paint (red, white, black, blue and flesh color)
  • a small wooden heart
  • red color felt
  • a white pom pom
  • a wide bristled paint brush
  • a fine tip paint brush
  • pencil
  • chenille stem or pipe cleaner
  • craft glue
  • hot glue gun

How to make:
Put some rubbing alcohol into an old cloth to damp it a little. Rub the damp cloth with the light bulb to clean any dust and to help you to paint easily in the next step.

First, paint the entire bulb with white acrylic as the base coat by using the wide bristled paint brush.  To make the hanger for drying process, twist one end of the chenille stem around the metal bulb part. While, the other end of the chenille stem make a hook. Then, hang the bulb to dry.

Once the white paint completely dry, coat the bulb with a layer second base of white paint. Again, hang it to dry.

Draw where you want the Santa’s face and arms located on the bulb by using pencil. Don’t forget to draw in the trim on the belt and the coat.

Start painting one area at a time and let it dry before painting the next area. This will prevent mess when you paint and to make the ornament more neat.

Paint the wooden heart with black acrylic. Let the black painted wood dry.Next, to make the Santa’s boots, attach the painted wood at the bottom of the bulb using hot glue gun.

Cut out a triangle shape of the red felt. Form a shape of Santa’s hat and attach it. Finally, glue on the white pom pom for the Santa’s beard using craft glue. This ornament looks adorable and great to hang on the Christmas tree.

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