Making snowflakes ornaments from pipe-cleaner

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Give your pipe cleaner sticks a fantastic makeover to this beautiful Christmas ornaments. The steps is easy and simple to make, plus the material that you need is not plenty so you saved. You can hang them as Christmas tree ornaments. It look great too when hang in the windows, enter ways, or for your fireplace deck. Here is how you can make them;

What you need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wire cutter or pair of old scissors
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Spray paint

How to make:
Cut three 6 inch pieces of pipe cleaner by using a wire cutter or old scissors. Then, cut them into six 2 ½ inch pieces, six 2 inch pieces and six 1 ½ inch pieces. You can cut according to how long you want for the ornament. Cut longer length for bigger size ornaments and vice versa.

Next, to make a six-spooked asterisk, twist the 6-inch pieces together at their midpoints. Clamp down using needle nose pliers to tighten twist.

Place the 2 ½ inch piece at the midpoint of the spoke and then twist onto spoke. Tighten the twist with needle nose pliers. Repeat this step with the remaining 5 spokes. Center one 2 inch piece and about ½ inch from the arm toward spoke’s tip and twist onto spoke. Tighten the twist. Repeat with the 5 remaining spokes.

Center one 1 ½ inch piece in a bout ½ inch from an arm attached that toward spoke’s tip. Twist onto spoke. Tighten again using needle nose pliers. Repeat with the remaining. You can trim the arms if needed. You can spray metallic colors such as silver or gold onto the finished snowflake ornaments.

Let the ornaments dry. Finally, glue a loop of cord to the back of a spoke for hanger.

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