Create your own Christmas gifts

Most of us nowadays have some difficulties to make ends meet, with Christmas approaching some people are really stressed to fork out enough money to buy gifts for friends and relatives. One of the ways to escape this is to create your own homemade gifts and note that most of these gifts can be made from things that you have lying around in the house. And don’t worry about the gift being inexpensive as yours friends and relative will definitely appreciate your time and effort to make these gifts.

  • Pillows with a touch of fragrance

Find some pretty and colorful materials so as to make decorative pillows. Cut into appropriate square sizes; sew the sizes together leaving one side unsown. Fill it with scraps of materials from old clothes or even unused socks. Add some lavender scent or potpourri to give a nice fragrance. These pillows will not only give fragrance to the room but will also make the room more colourful.

  • Create CDs according to the recipients’ taste.

Buy some blank cds then have in mind the person whom you are making it for. Make a cd that will bring back happy memories of time shared together, whether at a party or during school days. The person who will receive this cd won’t have enough words to thank you.

  • Make use of empty coffee jars

Make a collection of your empty coffee jars throughout the year and here how they are going to be handy. Buy some sequins and beads and randomly glue them across the jars. Stick a label, like tea, salt, sugar etc onto them. To make it more decorative you can tie a colorful ribbon round the neck of the jar.

  • Jewellery Box

Make a jewellery box out of empty tissue boxes. To make it more creative you can paste gold or silver wrapping paper over it. This is an appropriate gift that can be given to little girls for them to store their costume jewellery.

  • Secret Cake recipe

Do you have your own traditional Christmas cake, if yes; why not treble the quantities of ingredients and make extra cakes. You don’t have to bake large ones, just bake in a small cake mould. Find some decorative colorful ribbons and tie them around the cakes. A nice gift to give to friends and relatives.

  • Fragrant Bath Oils

Create your own fragrant bath oils for your mother, sisters and even friends. Here’s how to prepare your own brand, mix a cup of olive oil with ½ cup of honey, ¼ cup of oats and add a drop of essential oil. You can use different oils for different fragrances. Gently mix them all together and pour them in beautiful little bottles and tie a decorative ribbon across the neck.

  • Decorated ceramics

Buy some cheap ceramics and paint nice decorations on them. You can ask your kids to help with the painting as they have small hands this job will be appropriate for them. The decorated ceramics can also be given to their friends or their friend’s mothers.

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