Disposing your Christmas tree

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Some people choose to throw away unwanted Christmas tree where ever they like without considering the consequences it can do to our environment or bother about what other people think. But a growing number of people has been recycling and disposing it according to the right way. Below is some of the right way for disposing of a Christmas tree after the festive season is over.

What you need:

  1. Gardening gloves
  2. Saws
  3. Garbage bags
  4. Storage box
  5. Nylon rope


  1. First of all, you need to take of all the ornaments, and also remove the light which is on display on the Christmas tree very carefully.
  2. Keep all the ornaments and Christmas light in a safe storage boxes, put it inside your store room so that you can use it again next year.
  3. Take the Christmas tree outside or to your back yard for you to cut it off into pieces for example you can use the tree needles as mulch, the branches can be use as kindling, while its trunk can be use as firewood. The mulch can also be use in your garden, for planting beds in order to reduce weed problems, plus also modify soil temperature and help retain moisture.
  4. One other way to dispose off the Christmas tree is by finding and putting the tree at the location where and also when your city or county municipal council will be collecting unwanted trees. You need to put it in the exact location to enable the collectors to see and collect it.
  5. Other than that, Christmas tree can also be used for improving fish habitat in your fishing pond or the river. The Christmas tree can attract fish due to a few reasons such as aquatic insect in the tree branches are loved by small fish and the tree also can be made as a hide-out for small fish. To make the Christmas tree a fish habitat, you can use cement block to tie it securely to the end of the tree using nylon rope and put it in your fish pond or even drop the tree to a lake or a river.
  6. The Christmas tree can also be use for making homemade plaques especially if you are master crafters. You just need to remove all the branches, saw sections of the tree’s base according to your preferred width and also let it to dry before you can proceed to make it a unique plaque.

Please make sure and double check that all the lights, hooks, Ornaments and garlands has been removed from the tree before undertaking any of the above suggestions.

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