Decorating Yard for Fall Festival

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During the Fall festival, some of us would like to decorate our yard or garden to make it looks even more beautiful, unique and eye-catching to the people who see it. This can be done by using natural items like hay bales, pine cones, straw and brightly coloured leaves. Below are some tips and ideas in creating creative decorations to your own yard for the Fall festival.

What you need:

  1. Hay bale
  2. Pine straw
  3. Dried Fall leaves
  4. Pine cones
  5. Pumpkins
  6. Holiday lights
  7. Scarecrow (using some old jeans, flannel shirts, old gloves)
  8. Yard signs
  9. Corn husks


  1. First of all, you need to stack a bale of hay in the selected area of your yard that you have chosen to decorate. Then sprinkle some pine straw around the hay. Add some leaves by placing it on the hay and straw so that it will look like they had fallen from trees. You can also add some pine cones and place it around the hay bale to add more colourful atmosphere.
  2. Apart from that, you can also add scarecrows to the yard where it represents harvesting time for every fall festival. It is a simple thing to do to make a scarecrow where you just need some old clothing (use Jeans and flannel shirts) for the scarecrow to wear. Then stuff some straw with newspaper inside the clothing and attached it to a wooden frame for holding the scarecrow. Use stuffed gloves for hands, extra hay or shoes stuffed with newspaper, as for the face, use pillowcase stuff with straw and draw a face using bright colour marker pen.
  3. You can also add pumpkins and corn husks around the hay bale and pine straw for adding more brightly colour to your decorated yard.
  4. Put up a yard signs that you can place around the yard with your name or the yard’s special name for people to notice.
  5. You can also use holiday lights to make your garden noticeable during the night using fall festival theme colour such as white, orange and even black. The lights can be placed around the bottom of your displayed yard decorations or strung on top of it.
  6. Finally, design a self made harvest wreath for decoration on your door using a wreath frame and gluing some of the dried fall leaves, corn husks, pine straw and foliage.

Hopefully you will have a good time in doing the above project thus making it a more enjoyable occasion to celebrate with your family and friends.

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