Making your own paper Christmas wreath

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Fresh green Christmas wreath looks beautiful and enchanting for the Christmas decoration. But, the wreath will not last for the next year and that will such as waste for your money. Why not try this easy to make Christmas wreath made from paper. It will last longer and you can create your own creation to it. This wreath suits to a tree with paper ornaments or hang on the door its own. The cut outs to make the leaves will take some time, so it’s great to do this project with your family members to help you. Here’s how you can make your everlasting Christmas wreath;

Materials and tools you need:

  • Different types of green paper
  • single wire wreath form
  • floral wire (20-gauge size)
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • red ribbon

How to make:
Using pencil, make a trace of a leaf or you can draw it freehand according to your creativity. Cut the trace and use it as your leaves template. Make trace of the leaves template onto your different types of green papers to make the wreath’s leaves.

Next, cut a 12 inch of single wire wreath form. Form the wreath wire into a horse shape by bending it. Make a small loop on each of the wire ends to form small hooks for hanger.

Then, glue a 12 inch length of floral wire onto the back of each leaves. You can find these floral wires precut for you in any craft store.

To make the wreath, attach a leaf by wrapping its floral wire stem around the form. You can start to wrap the leaves at the top of one side of the form. Repeat with other leaves as you gradually overlapping them so that each one covers half of the previous one. Continue until you reach the center of the wire wreath. Continue the same step to the other side with leaves.

You can make your own arrangements onto the wire wreath. To make your wreath more Christmas look, add a red ribbon bow at the centre of the wreath.

Finally you can hang your paper Christmas tree with small nails or hooks.

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