Making your own felt Christmas ornaments

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Felt is another material which works great for decorations. You can find this at fabrics and craft store in various colors and pattern. Felt decorations will give you its own uniqueness and texture. For this Christmas, try to make your own Christmas tree ornaments form felt. Below are instructions on how to make the felt ornaments.

Materials and tools you need:
Templates of your choice, felt (colors of your choice), light colored felt (light beige, cream, etc) cardboard, pencil, fine tip scissors, pins, big needle, yarn, craft glue.

How to make it:
You can make your template by drawing them yourself or print the templates that you can find in the internet. You can adjust the size of your template according to your Christmas tree. Provide two copies for each template, one following the outline. While the second template avoiding the black details by cutting it with fine tip scissors for the detailed interior cutouts.

Pin the outline template on top of the light colored felt and trace with pencil. After tracing, cut out the felt.  Next, repeat the step by pinning the second template (more detailed) and trace it onto the colored felt twice. So you have one light colored felt and two colored felt. You can use the fine tip scissors to cut the interior cutouts.

Next, using craft glue, dab onto the back side of the colored-felt pieces. Then, place the light colored piece and stick it between the two colored felt. Leave the felt to dry.

When the felt ornament is already dry, sew in the yarn on top of the felt for hanging.  Knot the yarn at top.

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