Saving more water from your everyday chores

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Remember the last time we were hit by a water crisis? Before, we were so used to having continuous supply of water and out of a sudden; nothing came out of the tap. Not even a single drop. People all over began giving tips on how to minimize the usage of water such as don’t bath for a week, use baby wipes as an exchange and even don’t flush your toilet. Instead of waiting for another wave of water crisis to hit us, why don’t we start reducing our water wastage by implementing these changes in our day to day life?

  1. 1. Maximize your washing machine capacity

You bought an 8.0kg capacity washing machine and yet you only fill a quarter of it with your laundry. Did you know how many liters of water you are wasting by simply doing that? You can save yourself 5 to 10 liters of water by ensuring your machine has a full load each time you do your laundry.

  1. 2. Tap, tap, tap … what’s that sound?

It’s irritating to the ears and will burn a hole in your pocket. Save yourself 12 to 20 liters of water everyday by having your taps fixed. The simple act of replacing the washer can save you a substantial amount of money from your bill.

  1. 3. Don’t let the water run

Some people find it comforting to let the water run in the sink while they brush their teeth. The sound of running water somehow brings on a soothing sensation to the soul. But that soul is going to get a heart attack once the bill arrives. Save 20 liters by closing the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. You can find other comforting things to do while you carry out your bathroom routine such as smiling to your sleep deprived self in the mirror.

  1. 4. Take a shower instead

People have always associated bath time with a bath tub. It’s the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle. Imagine lying in the tub after a hard day at work, enjoying the warmth of the water as it soaks your body. Bath time should be enjoyable but it should not put a strain on your budget. Switch your bath time routine by taking a shower instead. You can save a lot in the long run and you have only yourself to thank for.

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