Applying Wallpapers

Wallpapers can be used to decorate every part of your house – living room, dining room, study room, kitchen and others. Before you start wallpapering, you must know how to apply it.

  1. Prepare the working area.

    You will need an area to work on. It can be a different room, or merely a table for you to spread out the wallpaper. As long as you have a smooth surface that is convenient to work on, anything will be fine.

  2. Check for imperfections

    Any imperfections such as stains, paint spatters, holes, nails need to be removed as they can be easily shown though wallpapers.

  3. Prepare the wall surface

    To camouflage the difference between the wall and the wallpaper, paint the top corners of the wall with ceiling paint. Also, set up the wall with high-quality oil-based primer so that the walls will easily absorb moisture from wallpaper adhesive.

  4. Measure and cut the wallpaper

    You must determine the point where you want the pattern to join the ceiling. Add 6 inches to your measure and mark at a slightly higher point where you want the wallpaper to connect with the ceiling. For inside corners, you can use lap sea – which is an additional half inch to be enfolded into the corner.

  5. Immerse the wallpaper in water

    Rolling up your wallpapers with paste side out, immesure them in a wallpaper tray of warm water for 15 seconds. When all the air bubbles had escaped, you can remove the wallpaper from the tray and lay the wallpapers face down on the table.

  6. Activate the adhesive

    To activate the adhesive, fold the wallpaper with both ends towards the middle with the paste side in. Careful not to crease the edges during this step. Unfold the wallpaper to activate the adhesive.

  7. Lightly mark the wall

    Starting from the corner, mark the wall at a point that is quarter inch less than the width of the wallpaper. Draw a line down the wall from the mark.

  8. Hang the first piece

    Press the top of the wallpaper to the edge of the ceiling, making sure the edge of the wallpaper is level with the line in you drawn in step 7.

  9. Check the corners for wrinkles

    If you notice any wrinkles, cut a slit in the wallpaper. The slit should begin at the edge of the ceiling.

  1. Smooth out the wallpaper

    Work your way down from the top to press the wallpaper into corners and to smooth it out. Also, work from inside towards the edges in order to remove wrinkles and bubbles. If there is any excess glue, you can wipe it up with wallpaper sponge.

  2. Hang the remaining pieces

    Now that you know how to hang up wallpapers, you can continue hanging the rest. Line up the seams as closely as possible and repeat step 8 till step 10 till all wallpapers are hung.

  3. Trim the edges

    Trim off the wallpaper at the top and bottom.

  4. Press the seam together

    After hanging wallpapers for 15minutes, you can use a seam roller to gently press the seams together.

    Let the wallpapers dry for 1-2 days.

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