Decorating Your Desk with Wallpapers

Desks usually have the most boring surface imaginable – it’s either pearly white , slightly grayish or brown. It looks dull, especially for ladies who enjoy decorating, accessorizing and personalizing just about everything, from bags to cellphones. Now you can personalize your desk with wallpapers that speaks your personality – princess-y wallpaper if you are the cute girl, wallpapers with abstract patterns if you are sophisticated or floral print if you are the girl-next-door. Here are the steps to decorate your desk with wallpapers.

  1. Colour-coordinate.

    You will need to choose a colour that goes well with the furnishings of your room. Avoid strong contrasts – you would want to go easy on your eyes. To create a designer-style desk, you may want to consider using more than one pattern or colour. You can go for a few shades of metallic colours to to make your desk look more classy.

  2. Remove your drawers and its knobs.

    It is important to have a clean and smooth surface so that the wallpaper can easily adhere to your desk. Make sure you remove all drawers, knobs and other objects. Also, clean your desk properly to remove the dust and dirt.

  3. Paint the desk.

    Even though you want to wallpaper your desk, you still need to paint your desk first with a paint in a colour that will blend well with the colour of your wallpaper.

  4. Lay the wallpaper on the right angle.

    Lay the wallpaper on the desk so you can see if it is too lengthy. During this step, you can cut the wallpaper into the size and shape of your desk. Make sure it fits properly.

  5. Cover the desk surface with wallpaper paste.

    If you plan to decorate the sides of your desk, make sure you cover them with wallpaper paste as well. Wait for a short while and place the wallpaper on top of it. For best results, start from the center and work towards the edge. If there is any excess wallpaper, you may trim it during this step.

  6. Coat the desk with a water-based varnish.

    This is to ensure your newly decorated desk is well protected.

    Depending on personal preference, some people may go an extra mile to cover the decorated desk with book wrapper and accessorize the corners with ribbons and dry flowers. How amazing the end result turn out to be really depends on the creativity to the desk owner.