Arranging Your Bedroom Closet

Ever felt cramped up in your bedroom? Then, you are one of the many experiencing what interior designers call bedroom cluttering. The reason? Well, we never stop buying. Even a non-fashionista like me will do non-grocery related shopping at least twice a year. Yes, bedroom cluttering\’s possible but it can be cured!

If you long for a messy-free room as your comfortable refuge then good for you. But before your jumpstart to a total revamp, take heed to clear everything from your closet. Separate the details that are worth keeping from those needing to bid goodbye. Never-ever-again clothes, shoes, magazines or expired make-up products should be shown the exit door and you can do it through donation, garage sale or appropriate disposal.

Once done, clean up your room and eliminate germs. The books and working tools (for people who uses the room as an all-in-one nest) are relatively easy to position. It is the clothes closet which we will focus on and you need to trust your skills as a self-taught interior designer so that you won\’t fall back into the old habit of piling your clothes at every corner of your room. If you are worried about your indiscipline, think of placing a laundry hamper nearby the closet.

By now you would be able to determine whether your closet design fits the arrangement for your clothes. Visualize the segregation of your clothes according to the occasion and style i.e. casual and formal, color hues, seasons and accessories for easy future navigation. From there on, you can strategize what compartments in a closet organizer are essential and effective. Remember to work within the corners of your room and stop fantasizing having a movie star\’s closet.

A great closet organizer increases your closet storage space by utilizing the space properly and put to maximum use. Measure and draw a rough sketch of your closet area before going to the store. If you plan to remodel your closet, decide what type of storage you need, be it shelving and clothing rods (for single or double hanging). An undergarments\’ drawer or shelf should already be available. But if your shoes, handbags, ties, belts, linens and other accessories are going to fill up your closet, then additional drawers, rods or racks must be designed into the closet and double the inclusion to cater for your partner.

If you choose to get a set of closet organizer kit, you will have to work around the existing space of the closet. On the other hand, if you feel generous in replacing the existing closet with a closet organizer system, a variety of modern pre-assembled units are available like one of the contemporary outlooks in fitting drawers between the hanging space which work as a natural divider for your clothes. Stores like IKEA or Walmart are great places to visit which also offer free opinion. With plenty of innovative D-I-Y components in the market these days, you will be spoilt with choices.

When you are ready to place back your clothes back into the closet, you can arrange them according to categories of garments. If you are a student, you can delineate the T-shirts, jeans, khakis and dresses accordingly. Likewise if you are a working adult, you can choose to arrange office suits from the weekend party dresses. Additionally, you can create a color hue in your closet in the categories of clothes. And if you are a very organized person, you may want to mix-and-match your clothes and accessories for every occasion in the coming week to avoid committing a \’fashion crime\’. This arrangement saves you time when you dress up in the morning but remember to pair your clothes differently especially for office suits every week so that you won\’t look like a bore.

However, if your collection is overwhelming, it is worth considering packing your clothes into seasonal collection. Unless there are some blouse prints which are wearable during spring or summer, all fall season collection, which take up a lot of space in the closet, should be grouped to an allocated area in the house or the empty space beneath your bed. The same adoption applies when fall arrives.

At last, follow the number one rule of thumb in keeping your closet under control – \’update\’ your closet every few months. If your partner complains about the arrangement, just remind him or her of the greater benefit from closet arrangement!

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