Installing window coverings for French doors

It could be difficult when it comes to figuring out what to put on your French doors. If you don\’t know what you are doing, installing window treatments can be tricky. However, a few steps can help you to what seems a challenging task, and can make you a pro at it! People tend to forgo trying to put any window treatments on the door because most doors are made from solid wood or steel. When having this window coverings process, it is advisable for you to not rush through this process, take your time and ensure a great job is done. Here are the methods on how whether you prefer to install shades, metal blinds or basic woods.

Things that you need:

  • bracket clips
  • nails
  • rods
  • ladder
  • brackets
  • hammer
  • ladder
  • screws
  • screwdriver
  • blinds
  • shades


  1. First, determine if you like to install a shade, wood or metal blind and the purpose of the blinds. You can find several of types of wood blinds that can help with privacy and light control. The first thing that you have to make sure is to choose the right window treatment that will meet all your needs and requirements.
  2. Then, measure your window frame around the window. Make sure that you don\’t block up the movement of the door handle. To start, measure at least 2 inches above the door window. You want to make the room for the head rail mechanism. Then, follow your measurement down to the bottom of the window. Make about 1 inch below the window to secure the blind. For the side measurement, you just need to measure about 1 inch over the frame of the door window. You have to clear any obstruction from the door handle.
  3. Next, the mount bracket is positioned outside the window frame about 2 inches above the door window. The head rail mechanism will have a clear room for this purpose, clearing all obstructions. The brackets need to be aligned and leveled with one another. Make sure that the shade should be able to move freely between the brackets. Allow 1/8 inches of additional space between the brackets. This will make sure that the mechanism will rotate freely. Choosing the type of mount is also important. For this purpose, chose the outside mount.
  4. After that, install the “hold down” brackets. These brackets will then secure the bottom of the blind and keep it from flopping around when you occassionally open and close the doors. The hold-down brackets come with most blinds. To install, you just have to do it according to the manufacturer\’s instructions. Make sure that the brackets are aligned at both ends evenly.

Drapes can be used if your doors are made from a solid wood and you don\’t want to drill holes into your door frame. This drape alternative will cover the door for privacy and can be pulled back during the day to allow light into the room. Another option would be to have your windows tinted. You can also replace them with a stain glass window.

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