Installing drawer pulls on your kitchen cabinets

Another quick and easy way to update a kitchen room and to give it a finished look is by adding hardware to your kitchen cabinets. There are many types of cabinets knobs that come in all sizes, colors and shapes. The hardware comes in with different price ranges that can suit to your budget, making this project affordable for any project. You can find cabinets knobs in any home improvement store, hardware store and discounted store. Don\’t buy the first pull that you see. Choose the right and suitable cabinet knobs that you like according to your budget and what matches your kitchen style. However, some drawer pulls must be specially ordered. Here are the steps on how to install new cabinet\’s knobs:

Things that you need:

  • knobs and handles
  • screwdriver
  • ruler or tape measure
  • level
  • washers
  • pencil
  • masking tape
  • drill, 3/16 bit
  • flathead screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver


  1. First, count all the cabinet drawers and cupboards that need new pulls. Several things that you should decide is whether you want the same pull on the drawers as on the cabinets, or if you will install a handle on the drawers. Each of the things that you need could be written on a paper for easy reference.
  2. Then, decide where on the door face to install the pulls. In the general area, put a piece of masking tape or blue painter\’s tape. Measure the length between the two screws and mark both areas on the face if you picked handles with two screws. The rule of thumb, install the pulls 1 ½ inches from the vertical edge and 2 inches from the horizontal edge.
  3. Next, measure and mark the exact distance on each cupboard for each pull. To make sure that the holes are in line, use a level. You may have to make the necessary adjustments on the markings according to the reading on the level.
  4. In the first cabinet, drill a 3/16 inch hole. Place the screw from the pull into the hole to verify the fit. Then, adjust the hole accordingly. Continue to drill holes in each cupboard. When finished, remove the masking tape or blue tape and discard.
  5. Then, insert the screw into the first hole. To tighten, twist the knob into the pull by hand and then use a Phillips or a flathead screwdriver. Double-check if the knob is securely tightened. Install the remainder of the pulls in each cupboard.
  6. If the pulls do not fit tightly, add washers to the screw. Use shorter screws if by adding washers are not enough. You can take the pull to the store so that you can find and purchase screws with the correct diameter.

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