Avoiding to Create Groundwater Pollution

Heard of mercury poison? That\’s just one of the few groundwater contaminations. The truth\’s contamination occurs when natural or manmade substances permeate groundwater. The consequence of this is that water becomes unusable for consumption.

There are several causes of groundwater pollution. Most common ones are improper management of waste including industrial chemicals and poor septic system. Besides that, our own daily actions are just as hazardous when we ignorantly throw rubbish onto the ground or use of chemicals outdoor like pesticides. When these are washed off by the rain, these substances will flow into the storms which transfer to lakes or rivers.

The thing is water is recycled no matter where it\’s flowed to. And when it\’s extracted, it becomes our staple in drinks, baths, food, etc. If the toxins are not filtered thoroughly (as most of us assume that fresh water in the wild is clean), we could get seriously ill or die.

In order to step up the effort in maintaining our water to be as clean as possible, we must increase our efforts in managing proper waste disposal. What you can do are these:

  1. Reduce waste

Try to reduce the purchase of products with un-disposable packages. Instead, find those which you can recycle or reuse. Also, buy what you need and not buy because it\’s cheap.

  1. Choose non-toxic products

Some products contain high intoxicated chemicals which may only be able to be separated through intense treatment process. The types of chemical concentration include volatile organic compound and petrochemical. So, get prepared to do some lengthy shopping and examine all the contents in each product as this can prevent contamination including washing detergents for dishes and clothes.

Proper disposal management

Throwing things away, whether to the bin or flushing down the water, is very convenient. But take a step back and think carefully about the consequences. Although there are water treatment plants, the workload is heavy and it may not be able to eliminate all pollutants without us adding more into the water. So, stop before you throw. Separate your waste according to categories and make sure waste like food decomposition is not leaked into the water system.

Be a good global citizen and you are heading the way to a healthier life for you and your future generation.

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