Reusing Household Items

By reusing household items, not only are you saving money by not having to buy new things, you are also helping to keep the environment alive by reducing wastage as well as the energy needed to dispose off these unwanted items. Here are a few tips on how you can reuse common household items:

Tennis Balls

Do you have worn out tennis balls lying around the house? Here is how you can use them for other purposes, but make sure you wash them to get rid of all the dirt first. Wash your pillows with the tennis balls in the washing machine to keep your pillows fluffy.

Old CDs

The next time you have an unusable CD, do not throw it away. Collect them, and separate them according to the colour of their bottom surface (not the cover), and turn them into d├ęcor pieces. Jazz a boring old mirror up by pasting these used CDs by the side.

Flower Pots

Chipped flower pot? Break it into smaller pieces and use them to line the bottom of a new pot before you fill it up with soil. This will provide your plants with a better water drainage system.

Tuna Cans

Cut up a thick piece of sponge so that it will be able to sit nicely in a tuna can. Glue the bottom to the inside of the can and voila! You have a new pin cushion.

Odd Socks

One side of your sock gone missing? Keep the other side and turn it into a hand puppet.

Egg Cartons

Don\’t throw your empty egg cartons away, poke holes into the bottom and use them to grow herbs that you can put on your window sill. That way, you don\’t have to buy several pots to plant several types of herbs.

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