Getting Involved In Rooftop Gardening

Don\’t get envious of high end condominium residents which have bountiful of rooftop gardens just yet. You can create your own lovely rooftop garden with your midas touch you have always dreamt of. As long as you get the green light about the zoning from your local government, you are good to start working on your dream garden.


First, you need to study the structure of your residence. You can\’t possibly have a slanting garden without getting the pots and plants falling off the roof and hurting someone downstairs. That means rooftop gardening can only happen on a flat roof.

After that\’s done, locate the direction of the sunlight to the building and determine whether there is any nearby taller structure which could obstruct the penetration of sunlight to your plants.

When you have found your spot, choose the type of plant that you will be adopting. Since it\’s the rooftop, do you visit frequently? If you don\’t go to the rooftop on a daily basis, get a plant which doesn\’t need so much water. But if you are disciplined enough to walk up there everyday, then you\’re \’allowed\’ to get the lovely plants which need daily care. It\’s the frequency of plant watering that matters and you can set your schedule. Remember, it\’s not great news to see dying plants.

Since we\’re talking about rooftop, remember that it\’s still a manmade structure. Don\’t add on unnecessary weight like planting trees when the whole building is already supporting the residents and furniture. Buildings can get stressed too!

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