Reusing seeds from fruit and vegetables

The seeds from the fruits and vegetables you consume have other uses other than being planted. Here are some unconventional ideas:

Washing Detergent

Save up all your fruits and vegetable seeds and peels and stuff them into a plastic bottle. Add equal amounts of molasses to the concoction and fill the bottle two thirds full. Release the gas from the bottle everyday before giving it a good shake. After three weeks, drain the liquid enzyme from the bottle to be used as any type of washing detergent.

Plant Them

If a fruit was particularly tasty, save the seeds so that you can plant them. Chances are that it is of a good breed and that your tree will also bear the same great tasting fruit from which the seeds originated from.

Organic Compost

Keep a plastic bin with a lid outside your house where you can discard all your fruit and vegetable seeds and peels. Leave it there for about a month before using it as fertilizer for your organic garden.

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