Being a good garden coach

A garden coach is a person who works the same job as the landscape architect, a therapist and a landscaper. A homeowner, who has a garden that she/he is unhappy with, will usually hire a garden coach which, most times, two homeowners are involved. Usually, garden coaching is not a full time job. However, if you are already a landscaper or garden designer, you can offer to include this as one of your services to clients. If you have the interest to become a garden coach, here are steps on how to be one.

Things that you need:

  1. Garden that needs to be tidy or a renovation
  2. portfolio of materials
  3. plant and designs style


  1. You have to realize that you are the coach. You are not the one that will do the garden maintenance, as the client can hire someone cheaper to do that. Your job is to help your client to visualize what a garden can be. You will consult the client on what type of plant which is good or not for your client\’s garden, and what can be saved and what should has to go.
  2. Occasionally, you have to be a hands-on consultant. Don\’t be surprised to learn that most of your clients are new to gardening. You have to prepare to teach them where and how to plant a tree, what perennials and annuals are, how to plant them and what will they look like after planting.
  3. You should have plenty of materials to show the client on what plant material and design styles are available. Make a portfolio or bring your clients to your garden, other garden or local nurseries to search garden ideas.
  4. Choose the best garden style that suits your client\’s personalities. Are your clients informal or formal? Will they be the gardeners or will they hire somebody else?
  5. Observe the client\’s house and style. You should be able to explain what garden designs works the best for their house. There will be disagreements between them, so you have to know how to tone them down so everyone will end up with a good feeling and a great garden.
  6. Be ready to inform your clients that they may need a professional arborist for the tree problem if the task is too big for the homeowners. If the client will be the gardener, he/she must learn at least the basics skill of gardening which includes the soil preparation, watering and pruning.
  7. You should be prepared to teach your clients the necessary skills to keep the garden in shape.
  8. Usually a garden coach will have their charge somewhere between $65 and $175 an hour. The charges might vary depending on your experience and the rate charged by other coaches in your area.

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