Planting Frangipani

Frangipani or plumeria plants are one of the most beautiful flowers from the tropical area. The flowers smell heavenly and come in a vast variety of colors. These are why Frangipani plants are most sought after by gardeners around the world. Even a full-grown plant can reach a price of hundred dollars. Frangipani plants are easy to grow from their cuttings. Lazy gardeners will find this helpful and the perfect plant as well. You can grow Frangipani plants successfully from cuttings, and here\’s how you can do it.

Things that you need:

  1. Frangipani cuttings
  2. 3 gallon container
  3. potting mix or sand
  4. water


  1. First, prepare your frangipani cuttings by allowing them to dry out before planting it. The cut ends need to scar over before you placing them into the soil. Let your frangipani cuttings to dry out for three days to a week depends on the weather at your place. You can lay them on a table or in the ground where you cut them. However, if you are already working if there are dry cuttings, you can skip this step.
  2. Fill your gallon container with potting mix or sand. It doesn\’t matter for frangipanis to grow either in a rich medium or not. In fact, the cuttings may be rotten before they grow roots in a medium such as potting soil. Potting soil has the tendency to hold too much water and have poor drainage for the frangipanis cuttings to root properly. You can avoid this problem by using a potting pot that has good drainage and won\’t retain too much water.
  3. In the center of your container, dig a 4 inch hole in the soil. Frangipani cuttings can be heavy in weight, so place your cutting deep enough so it can stand up on its own. Use a bigger container a deeper hole if you are using larger frangipani cuttings.
  4. With the scar side down, plant your frangipani cutting into the hole. If the cutting has leaves attached to it, you don\’t have to be worried about pulling them off. The leaves will not block up the cutting\’s rooting process. Press the soil around the cutting firmly and make sure that it is able to stand upright on its own.

Lastly, water your planted frangipani cutting. If the water loosen the soil, press the soil back to its way again. Place it in an area with full of sun coverage, and water your frangipani plants every three to four days.

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