Growing Lavender

The healing properties, enchanting perfume and the glorious color are among the known goodness of lavender, but have you ever thought how to grow them? Believe it or not, the less nutritious the soil the better the lavender will grow and prosper. Among the advantages of lavender plants are the essential oil that has proven to inherent antibiotic action. It can cure pains, aches, swelling from arthritis to headache. Choose and buy a suitable type of lavender plant from your local botanical shop or nurseries. Here are steps on how to grow lavender.

Things that you need:

  1. Lavender plant
  2. Organic matter/compost
  3. Drip irrigation


  1. Place the plants at a sloping bed in a sunny spot. Pile about 12 to 18 inches high before planning the lavender. Make sure to remove any traces of weeds or grass on the lavender bed.
  2. When planting the lavender, place the plants at least 2 feet apart. You can start with 4-inch pot sized plants; leave plenty of room between plants for air circulation. If you plan to plant the lavender in pots, make sure in every spring to repot into a large container with fresh soil to allow the plant to continue to mature. Use a sterile potting soil with organic fertilizers for better base for the lavender to grow.
  3. Due to the nature of lavender which dislikes too much water, install drip irrigation and water only when the bed is dry to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. It is important to let the plant dry out a bit before soaking it again.
  4. You don\’t have to fertilize the lavender as frequent, fertilize them after two years and then use organic products such as fish emulsion. Fertilize the lavender in spring when they start to grow and once again after harvesting in the late summer. If you grow plants as annuals, you don\’t have to feed them at all.
  5. Lavender plants should be pruned every year immediately after blooming. Do not confuse between pruning and harvesting. If there is no pruning action done towards the plants, they will get very woody. Cut back only the flower stem and a third of the grey-leaved stems as well.
  6. Overall, it takes 3 years for the lavender to reach full size, harvest the flowers according the end use. If you are harvesting for the oil, you have to harvest them at the peak of the day\’s heat or in the afternoon. For a fresh bouquet, simply pick them while they are still in bloom and scent.

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