Being Green in the Kitchen

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One way to help reduce the global warming of our beloved earth is by finding ways to save money and at the same time stay healthy and also be more eco-friendly. The first place to start being green is in your own kitchen and this kind of awareness can help not only yourself but also your family members. The choices of food and kitchen usage definitely gave an enormous impact to our environment which we ourselves sometimes take it for granted, for instance from the consumption of meat, to the usage of pesticides or fertilizers, and also the energy being used. In order to be green in your kitchen, below are some of the things that you can do:

What you need:

  1. Baskets
  2. Use a good filter to have clean water
  3. Use real dish instead of disposable container
  4. Gardening tools for planting vegetables or suitable fruit trees
  5. Cloth napkins


  1. First of all, you need to acquire baskets or a backpack in order to replace plastic bags whenever you go to the market or shopping mall. This is because the usage of plastics and paper bags will only take on more resources in producing and distributing, and in the end it will only be thrown away as garbage.
  2. Use a good filter in your house so that you will be able to access good and clean water instead of buying bottled water which is expensive for the long term. If you d not have a choice and still need to use bottled water, look out for bottled water which can be recycle after it has been used.
  3. Do not use single-use containers or disposable containers because it will only add up to more garbage being consumed by very household. Use real dishes that you can wash and use every day.
  4. If you have a garden, try to grow plants like vegetables and fruit trees to help reduce the extra carbon dioxide from your environment.
  5. Try to reduce the consumption of meat and poultry because modern meat producer which normally comes from factory farms uses a lot of energy and intensive resources, plus it is also huge polluters to the environment. By doing so, you can reduce the water pollution caused by their by-products and chemicals being used.
  6. Use a dishwasher to clean your dishes instead of washing dishes one by one using running water and make sure you use a full load when washing dishes through your dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, try to clean your dishes when you already have a large amount of plates or silverware to clean and wash at one time to save on the usage of water. Look out for the Energy Star compliance whenever you are looking for new electrical appliance in order to save on energy usage.
  7. Try to use eco-friendly cloth napkins which are made of organic cotton or hemp instead of paper napkins because it is much more environmental friendly.
  8. You can also buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farmers market rather than buying it from the super market or from the local grocery store. From the local farmers market also you can find farmers who uses organic farming for producing their vegetables and fruits, plus at the same time you also help boost the local economy.

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