Jazzing up your window blinds

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Feeling dull looking your white window blinds? How about jazzing up the usual appearance to your window blinds? You can do so by just painting them look at it as if you are adding a life to those blinds so that they are no longer just blind. The painting process is simple and easy to master once you do it. It\’s a great way to save your money from buying other colored window blinds or hiring a carpenter to paint on them. You can paint your own blinds by yourself or by applying these tips:

  • Before starting, determine the type of blinds that you have. There are many types of window blinds available in the market now. There are blinds made from woods, plastics, metal and synthetic fabrics. So it\’s best to check what type of blinds that you have so the paint that you will use is suitable.
  • Clean your blinds thoroughly before starting the painting process on them. A clean surface produces on even color when it\’s painted. If you clean your blinds weekly with damp soft cloth, you don\’t have to worry of dusty and dirty blinds. But if your blind is too dirty, soak them in a solution of water and soap and then rinse with water using a shower head or water hose. Leave the blinds outdoors to dry.
  • If you have stubborn stain (stains that won\’t go away) on the slats, use a window cleaner to clean it. Spray the stained area with a window cleaner and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, clean off the stain with a soft cloth. For cloth blinds, make sure to check first on the area which is not noticeable. You can also use a soft brush (a vacuum cleaner) by lowering the blinds down and closing the slats. Hold the blind with one hand and the other hand with a vacuum to avoid harming the slats.
  • There are many shades of colors available for painting in the market, the options are wide for you to choose according to your windows and rooms.
  • Nail a strip of wood size of inch or two in width across the end of a barrel. To make two benches you need two barrels for the blinds to rest on.
  • Place the barrels just far enough apart so that the ends of the blinds will rest on the sticks on the ends of the barrels. Place the blinds by laying them down flat and paint along the inside of the stiles and the sides of the slates near the ends. Then, continue to paint the very ends of the slats and smooth off the inside of the stiles and bars by turning the blind on one edge.
  • Paint the slats and the adjusting rod. The last part to paint is the stiles and bars.
  • Keep the slats open when the paint on the blinds is drying. Avoid putting so much paint into the sockets of the slats as to prevent them to being folded or adjusted easily.
  • Leave your blinds to dry off overnight in a dry and well ventilated place.

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