Being prepared when the power fails

Power failure or outages can happen everywhere and anytime. Sometimes you will experience power cut when there is a storm, or when the electric pole gets hit by a squirrel or a vehicle. When the power goes out, how prepare are you to deal with the blackout. Here are some useful tips that you can apply when there is a power failure.

  • Keep a flashlight in every room of your house. Make sure you know where the flashlight is kept so you can find it easily when the lights go out at night. Keep extra batteries for back up in some place where you can easily locate them. A kerosene lamp is a good choice to light your room if you have a sturdy table to set it on. Be careful not to leave them unattended and remember to trim the wicks. Light one lamp and keep it on for the entire time. It will notify you when the power is restored.
  • When the power is out, unplug all major appliances in your house. This will protect your house from power surge when the light comes back on. If you have certain appliances that have to be turned off, label them before a power outage happens.
  • Purchase canned heat stoves or sterna. Your regular powered-appliances may not be working when there are power outages. Sterno and canned heat stoves are safe to be used indoors for cooking. If you are suspecting power outages when the weather turns bad, use thermos to keep soups and hot drinks warm.
  • If you are suspecting a power failure, fill your buckets and pitchers with water. Keep stocks of bottled water is also a good idea to provide drinking water, washing, and to flush the toilet.
  • In case of longer power outages, have extra blankets in your house. Keep extra sleeping bags in your closet especially when it\’s cold weather. So you will easily get them if the need arises.

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