Saving money with going green tips

Saving money is the most thing people want to do right now amidst the economic downturn that we are going through. There are so many things that you can do by going green around your house, by doing so you can save more money as you desire. Other than saving money, going green can make you live healthier and helping those in needs. Here\’s how you can learn being eco-friendly to your house usage.


  • Use clean tennis balls when drying your clothes in the washing machine. The reason is that the tennis balls will soak up the heat, and the clothes will dry faster. Comforters, coats and any other large bulky items will also be fluffed up by the tennis ball.
  • You will save more water with low-flow toilet. Each flush using low-flow toilets only needs less water than the normal flow toilet. Don\’t worry if you don\’t have low-flow toilet installed in your bathroom, you can place a full 20 oz water battle into your toilet tank. By doing so, you are saving more water to use for flush.
  • Use baking soda as cleaning agents. Baking soda is not only for baking purposes. This natural ingredient works great as all-purpose cleaner that works just as well sometimes even better than the expensive and dangerous chemical cleaners in the market. Baking soda can be used to clean and remove rings stains in the tub as well as for other messes.
  • Use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to fight bacterial problems. You can use vinegar for disinfection purpose and then hydrogen peroxide. These two ingredients works as well as bleach.
  • Don\’t turn off the A/C in your car. Doesn\’t sound going green, does it? Opening your car window is far better than turning on the air conditioning in your car. The reason, when you are driving with the windows car open, you actually reducing your car fuel efficiency by as much as 20 percent.
  • Cook your dishes with cast-iron pans. When you are cooking with nonstick pans, the pans will actually release fumes and the pan only heat up to certain temperatures. It is proven medically that nonstick pan\’s fumes can cause cancers and respiratory problems. Invest in good cast-iron pans for the sake of your health.
  • Recycle your old Crocs shoes. Send your old unused Crocs shoes to SolesUnited as this organization turns them into new shoes to donate for the people in need. For good cause, you can visit their website at for more details.
  • Use clothes instead of paper napkins. You can save more money than buying bulks of paper napkins again and again. When you are using clothes for napkins, you only have to wash them rather than throwing them out like the paper napkins when they get dirty.
  • Save your time, energy and money by cooking two dinners at once.

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