Building a Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom Countertop

Nowadays, there are so many types of materials to build a bathroom countertop. You can choose based on your home style and budget, whatever you want. For both durability and beauty, the popular choice for bathroom countertops is the granite type. If you prefer to save on your budget and not trusting the others to build your bathroom countertop, here are the steps on how to build it on your own by using granite material.

You will need:

  1. Pry bar
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Double sided adhesive strips
  4. A friend to help
  5. Plumbing wrench
  6. Putty knife


  1. First, select the suitable color and look of the granite according to your bathroom\’s looks. Notice that you will have the granite in slabs when you get to the home improvement store. Then, proceed to make a template for your countertop or let the granite retailer associate take care of it for you. The template is mainly a piece of plywood which is used to trace the shape and size of your countertop. It will also provide a pattern with which is used to cut the slab of granite.
  2. You have to make sure that if the associate has done the cutting for you, the hole should be cut precisely. You could bring the new granite countertop home after the cutting and place it in the yard or sturdy place. You don\’t have to worry as granite cannot be easily damaged.
  3. To remove the old countertops, shut the main water off to the house from the main valve first. Disconnect the plumbing underneath the bathroom with a plumber\’s wrench. You might only need to disconnect one or two pipes but it depends on your sink.
  4. Use a putty knife and work it around the rim of the sink to loose the glue that holds the sink to your countertop.
  5. Carefully, lift the sink off of the countertop then remove the backsplash behind the sink if available by sticking a putty knife between the wall and the backsplash to make a gap. Pry the backsplash off the wall by using a pry bar.
  6. Remove the screws that are located underneath the countertop by simply lifting them right off of the cabinet or use putty knife to pop the glued screws. Then, carefully remove the countertop.
  7. Bring the new granite countertop into the bathroom; ask for help if you can\’t carry it alone.
  8. To install the granite countertop on the cabinet, the granite should be placed and fit to the cabinet which will hold it in place after it has been installed. A precise cut granite countertop will perfectly fit to the cabinet. Use the adhesive strips to secure the sink to the granite countertop. Put the adhesive as much as needed on the granite counter where the sink is placed. Make sure to double check if the adhesive strips will hold and stick to it. Hook the plumbing back to your sink as well as the pipes that you have unhooked.

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