Installing Wood Burning Furnaces

Install Wood Burning Furnaces

Furnace ducts are used for heating. In countries where the weather is very cold, it is not unusual to find furnace ducts in the home of its people. These appliances help people deal with the cold by providing heat throughout their homes. To have a furnace duct into your home there are few things that you need to keep in mind before getting into the installation process. First of all, get to know the heating requirements. Next, make sure that you are fully aware of the dimension of your home. In case, you are confused or don\’t know much on this then it\’s best that you should consult an expert in this to avoid any errors in the process. Wood Burning Furnaces are one of the ways to have an indoor furnace. It is efficient to be used in many ways. They are easy to maintain as opposed to the other furnaces. While getting through this installation, remember that if ever there\’s any electrical task that you need to accomplish in order to get your wood furnace, the task should be handed over to an electrician in case you are not familiar when it comes to working on electric outlets. This is better to avoid any danger to you or to your home.

There are two types of wood burning furnaces which are the indoor and outdoor types. The easiest and preferable type of furnace to install is the indoor type as it gives heat to the house better. You can install your indoor furnace easily with the right tools and steps. So here are the steps on how you can install it.

You will need:

  1. New indoor furnace
  2. Screwdriver
  3. crescent wrenches


  1. First, shut off the power or gas from the breaker box to remove the old furnace. Use the crescent wrenches to remove the gas or connections of the old indoor furnace. Then, use the crescent wrenches to unscrew the mounting bolts that holds the furnace to the floor or to the wall. Remove the screws mounting the furnace blower to the ductwork collector. It leads to the runs of the ductwork throughout the rest of the house.
  2. Then, mount the wood-burning furnace into place by using the provided hardware. Place it where the old furnace was mounted. Proceed to screw the ductwork collector into the outtake of the wood-burning furnace.
  3. Next, you have to assemble the furnace exhaust pipe. Route it through a window or wall to allow any smoke to escape into the atmosphere. To light the fire, fill the furnace with wood first. Connect the wiring harness to an outlet if your furnace is equipped with internal blowers. Turn the fans on to begin the process of heating your home safely and naturally.
  4. Although you can install the indoor furnace by yourself, take note that if there is any wiring needed other than plugging the furnace into an existing outlet. It is advisable to give the job to a certified professional or electrician. This will prevent you from getting any personal injury or damaging your home.

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