Building a cheap fence

Are you tired of losing your vegetables in your garden eaten by wild animals? Why not build a border line or install a removable fence. They will prevent the wildlife from lurking around your home area. If you want a sturdy fence without costing you so much, here are the steps on how to build a cheaper fence for your garden.

Things that you need:

  1. 6\’ Chicken wire
  2. 4 to 6 pieces of 4″ or 5″ PVC pipe
  3. 4 to 6 of 4″ by 8\’ treated posts/ timbers
  4. post hole digger
  5. staple gun/ tacker
  6. wire snips/ cutter


  1. First, prepare the soil in your garden. Make sure you know the type of soil in your garden. Turn the soil in your garden with a tiller at least twice. The typical way is to make median size gardens around 30 feet square, but this will vary according to your garden size.
  2. During the second tiling, work in some garden mulch into the soil. The pile is made up from yard wastes such as leaves, grass and lime. Turn the mulch pile over with a pitch fork often to give it air and to fasten up the decomposition. Better quality of mulch will make a better garden.
  3. Next is to plan your garden\’s layout. This step is important and depends on what you\’re growing as some of the vegetable grow better or taller next to certain vegetables. Set your fence up around the corners of the garden. Make 4 corners and a gate. Dig holes using a post hole digger to a depth of 2 feet in the corners and the same for the gate. Usually, this will require you to use a minimum of 6 treated 4 inch by 8 foot of treated wood posts depends on the size of your garden.
  4. Cut each of the 2-6 foot long PVC pipes with 4″ in diameter into 2 foot long sections with a special blade that you can buy from hardware store or you can ask the hardware assistant to cut them for you. Submerge these sections into the 4 holes on the corners and 2 holes for the gate. If you have a large tiller, build your gate at least 5 feet wide.
  5. Sink the 4 inch by 8 foot treated wood beans into the PVC tubes that are in holes. Stretch out the chicken wire around the borders up into the gate posts. Secure the wire directly to the wood posts using staple gun. Trim any excess of chicken wires with wire cutters. Bury the chicken wire a foot or more under the ground to add more safety feature.

Lastly, construct the gate on your garden fence.

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